Connor Sheets at has a good piece out about the man who had a heart attack and died at the Capitol riot, with a specific focus on his transformation from union vice president and Obama supporter to gun-touting MAGA diehard. One of Greeson’s former coworkers at the Goodyear plant in Northern Alabama made an interesting observation about why she thinks people like Greeson have been radicalized in the last decade: “I believe the Obama policies caused a lot of soreness in this area and I honestly think people thought Trump was going to make them wealthy.”

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Meanwhile, President-elect Joe Biden is responding to the Capitol riot in a very different way. The soon-to-be President has been one of the more vocal proponents of labeling the protesters as “domestic terrorists.” This is not just a rhetorical flare — the label is connected to Biden’s support for a law creating a domestic terrorism crime that essentially would be the domestic counterpart to the “Acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries” law created in 1996 as Islamic fundamentalist attacks on U.S. soldiers were increasing. Critical responses to this move have mainly focused on (1) the law being unnecessary as there are already severe criminal punishments for what some of those at the Capitol riots did, (2) it is of questionable constitutional validity as policing power is generally reserved to the states and most federal crimes, like the “Acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries” law, are about interstate and international crimes, and (3) the law will wind up being used against groups and movements like Black Lives Matters who the FBI has been notoriously biased against. …


Emma Caterine

Feminist socialist writer fighting for econ justice. Views do not represent my firm, DSA, or my cats, who are sadly both ultra leftists.

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