Judge Tanya Chutkan says she wants consequences for “a violent mob attempting to disrupt the peaceful transition of power,” but all her sentencing of Matthew Mazzocco does is promote the repression of political dissent.

Photograph of Larry Rubin by Lloyd Wolf: http://lloydwolfphoto.blogspot.com/2019/01/operation-understanding-dc-class-25.html?m=0
Using Dolly as a nexus for this piece gives me a lot of amazing photos to work with.

A personal response to Council Member Robert Holden.

Mrs. E.C. Harrington, president of the briefly-lived Anti-Mask League of San Francisco and clearly a diva.

The political compass is possibly the most popular political meme across a wide range of political identities and movements. Here is why socialist should stop using it.

“Stalin? Pol Pot? Those simps let everyone get away with everything.”

Emma Caterine

Feminist socialist writer fighting for econ justice. Views do not represent my firm, DSA, or my cats, who are sadly both ultra leftists.

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