I’ve been out of DSA organizing for a month now (studying for the Bar) and I wanted to share five quick things I’ve been reflecting on.

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Instead, have a picnic. Have small groups meet for dinner in folks’ homes. If we care about our people, we let them into our life rather than lecturing them.

That’s not how Google works — when I search “transgender” or “police killings,” I’m going to get very different results than someone not familiar with the stuff. And we want to control the message. Make folks aware of how Google and social media work so we can counter their segmentation and segregation of society.

We need a mass movement, so it’s really pretty simple math — using an identity-restrictive lens will never get to 50%, let alone a majority. But we also can’t get that if we pretend the divisions don’t exist. We want universal demand (universal rent control, single payer) with intersectional messaging and participation.

Our electoral work is great, but we need to go beyond that and also try to get our people into administrative, policy, and regulation government jobs. We don’t want to gain control only to have the same old bureaucrats to choose from for leadership.

Don’t use public forums for private petty dramas. Trust other members and do not tolerate those who misrepresent us (criticism is of course different — know the difference). Always write as if you were writing to everyone: think about your audience, especially how they *feel* as well as how they think.

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Feminist socialist writer fighting for econ justice. Views do not represent my firm, DSA, or my cats, who are sadly both ultra leftists.

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